AdvanceIT has a dedicated team of passionate data science and big data software engineering practitioners. By combining the disciplines of data science & software engineering practices with large-scale open source information platforms, our big data experts create data driven solutions that add to our clients’ bottom line.

Our big data services include:

Integrating Hadoop with existing systems
Integrating predictive analytics into production systems of engagement
Building test to production feedback loops for continual improvement
Developing code and transforming data
Tuning and deploying Hadoop clusters
Developing and measuring effectiveness of predictive analytics models

Big Data Solutions

Think of recommendation engines, suggested search, Big Data processing and analytics, near real-time event processing or interactive visualizations – we are a leading provider of high quality data driven solutions, focus on data driven aspects. Our data driven solutions span multiple disciplines. We combine required skills in multi-disciplined teams including analytics, software engineering, operations and product development. This results in end-to-end solutions that add to the bottom line. Some examples are:

Big Data warehousing
Scalable Big Data ETL
High Volume Web Analytics
Complex Event Processing and Analysis
Network Analysis Exploration
Tools for Big Data

Big data interacts with various tools and technologies that together extract values from data. At AdvanceIT, we work on Qlikview, Tableau, HIVE, PIG and many other tools.

AdvanceIT has an extensive experience with online retailers where we have introduced the best-in-breed open source technologies and used it to offer transparent, flexible, scalable, and inexpensive solutions to them